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Why 11PLUSMATHS.UK £8 per hour expert online coaches are good value for parents and students preparing for London 11+ exams in the various boroughs: .

As a qualified teacher working in central London, I have seen the severe competition and stress for the 11+ exams. There are only so many precious grammar school places to be won in the various London boroughs. Therefore the need for good tutoring has never been so high. But many parents and their children are priced out of the market for the traditional face to face tutoring which costs £50 per hour or more.

Whether it's Barnet, Bexley, Croydon or Camden, the format and even the content of the 11+ exam differs so much from one borough to another. Some boroughs use the GL Assessment, and other boroughs use the CEM (Durham University) exam board or ISEB examination board. Therefore it is so hard for parents to find tutors who are familiar with the demands of the various London grammar schools.

An exasperated parent from the borough of Ealing told me "I have been searching all over the place for cheap 11+ tutors, but they are just so expensive. And even then you never know if they really know the tricky bits of the exam that your child will be taking. I have been so stressed and just cannot afford to pay so much".

Now there is a answer in the shape of 11PLUSMATHS.UK – online tutors for London families. They are expert Indian tutors, and so cheap and affordable at just £8 per hour. From Hammersmith to Havering, Islington to Kensington and Chelsea, these online tutors, can offer a thorough and specific preparation for the 11+ exam that each borough uses.

As a teacher working in Lambeth, I have first hand experience of 11PLUSMATHS.UK tutors and they have helped my children so much. They are patient and give one to one specific preparation highlighting each child's strengths and also focusing on their weaker areas. No child should be left behind in their Maths, English, Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning subjects.

A parent from Lewisham told me "My daughter was finding the Non Verbal Reasoning part of the 11+ exam a bit tricky, but her online tutor from 11PLUSMATHS.UK helped her to understand it so well. She explained it in such a simple way and my daughter just loved her online tutoring. It was also so convenient from her to attend her lessons from home as we are both so busy".

In various London boroughs like Merton, Newham, and Richmond upon Thames, there is lack of opportunity to get specialist 11+ tutoring for the kids. 11PLUSMATHS.UK can fill this gap by offering the very best quality from their easy to use online tutoring platform, and visit the homes of the families who use their expert online tutors. So no more time and money wasting on long tedious commuter trains. No more inadequate and poor value tutoring.

Southwark, Sutton, Waltham Forest, Westminster, all over London, the need for cheap and very high quality 11+ tutoring is there. 11PLUSMATHS.UK Indian tutors are expert at their subjects and also excellent teachers. 11PLUSMATHS.UK offer a thorough and specific preparation for the 11+ exam and give each child a fair chance whoever their parents may be, rich or poor.

As an educator, it is heartening to see a service that aligns with the principles of equal opportunity and accessibility in education. By partnering with 11PLUSMATHS.UK, London families can equip their children with the tools and confidence necessary to excel in the competitive 11+ examination, paving the way for a bright future in the capital's prestigious grammar schools.

The journey towards securing a grammar school place can be daunting, but with the right support, every child has the potential to succeed. 11PLUSMATHS.UK's affordable online tutoring services offer a glimmer of hope for distressed parents navigating the high-stakes world of 11+ preparation in London.



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