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Expert 11+ tutors for Lancashire and Cumbria for Mathematics and English from India

The 11+ Game Plan for Lancashire and Cumbria

For kids in Lancashire and Cumbria the 11+ is massive - it’s their make or break chance to get into top grammar schools like Clitheroe Royal Grammar, Baines School or William Howard. Scoring well can open up amazing opportunities, but failing can derail their academic future big time.

That’s why proper 11+ prep is vital. But let’s be realistic - really good tutoring ain’t cheap. Those in-person sessions can cost £40+ per hour, putting quality coaching out of reach for many families in places like Blackpool, Preston, Barrow-in-Furness and beyond.

This is where 11PLUSMATHS.UK comes in as the game-changer at just £8 per hour. Yep, you read that right - £8/hour to get your child elite online tutoring from brilliant subject experts based in India. These tutors are straight-up wizards at prepping kids to smash brutal exams like the 11+.

Their secret is the Keller Personal Instruction method - a crazy effective way of drilling knowledge into young minds and building rock-solid reasoning skills. In personalized one-on-one online sessions, your child works directly with an Indian tutor obsessed with the 11+ subjects like English, Maths, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

They’ll focus on your child’s strengths while drilling problem areas hard through intensive practice using real 11+ exam papers. You get detailed feedback on any gaps in their skillset. Plus interactive digital lessons that break down even the toughest concepts into no-brainer material.

But here’s the real game-changer - 11PLUSMATHS.UK’s coaching doesn’t stop at the 11+. Those same elite online tutors from India can level up your child’s skills through GCSEs, A-Levels and beyond if you want. No more starting again with new tutors and fees.

Unlimited access to India’s top brains for £8/hour for families across Lancashire and Cumbria - it’s a bargain.

For Lancashire and Cumbria parents the 11+ is tough. Don’t send your child into the breach under-prepared. Train them up under 11PLUSMATHS.UK’s online coaching gameplan and give them the edge.



Super-affordable £8/hour, expert 11-plus and GCSE online tutors from India for Years 4/5 and above

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