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"I didn’t need extra tuition when I was a child". Well, things have changed a lot with 11+ exams over the last few years and certain topics come up that are not covered at school in Key Stage 2.

As this frustrated parent from Doreset said: "As my eldest approached Year Five I looked into the new test and was shocked by what I found. The test was like a GCSE English literature exam in places and most of the content was from the Year 7 curriculum. How can a child pass this without tutoring I wondered?" Well they can’t. If you have never been taught algebra for example then you can’t answer a question on it no matter how clever you are.

There’s no escaping that the 11+ is a competitive exam. There aren’t enough school places in the borough, let alone a grammar place for every child. Another parent put it like this: “An arms race ensues. No matter what anyone says, if you take two children of the same ability and give one lots of practice and send the other one in cold, the practiced child will do better. The biggest wallets and the sharpest elbows will win the day.

Here’s more what frustrated parents in Dorset think about 11PLUSMATHS.UK’s affordable online tutoring compared to expensive local tutors:

  • "As a parent in Dorset the 11+ process has been an horrifically stressful and expensive experience. With my eldest soon to take the exam I’ve been overwhelmed by the competitiveness and the lengths some families will go to get into grammar school."
  • "In areas like Bournemouth, Poole and Weymouth quality 11+ tuition is scarce and rather expensive. The top local tutors charge upwards of £40 per hour and that’s a big financial burden for families like ours. And even then there’s no guarantee of success in such a cut throat environment."
  • "I found 11PLUSMATHS.UK to be a lifesaver for parents like me looking for affordable and convenient 11+ tuition. Their team of experienced online t11 plus utors from India are £8 per hour, a fraction of what local tutors charge. And the best bit? These lessons can be done from the comfort of my home, no more tedious commutes."

From Blandford Forum to Shaftesbury and Gillingham families across Dorset can access dedicated Indian tutors via 11PLUSMATHS.UK’s easy to use online platform. Their patient and personalised approach means no concept is left behind, my child is more confident and equipped to tackle the 11+ exam.

In a county where grammar school places are oversubscribed 11PLUSMATHS.UK levels the playing field, an affordable and accessible solution for families like yours. No more sacrificing financial stability or wasting time on the road – just focused tuition from the comfort of home. It’s a game changer for Dorset parents navigating the 11+ world.



Super-affordable £8/hour, expert 11-plus and GCSE online tutors from India for Years 4/5 and above

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