11 Plus Maths Tutor (UK)

11 Plus Maths (UK)

Expert 11+ tutors for Mathematics and English from India

Challenges facing parents of 11 plus students today

“The first challenge is the shifting boundary conditions of truth. The UK's selective schools are notorious for misleading parents about the difficulty level of their entrance exams.. Schools lie because the exams are now so hyper-competitive that they need to fool a cohort of under-performing kids into taking these exams so as to to statistically disguise the gross inequality and discrimination inherent in selective exams."

The 11 plus exam is a crucial exam for students in the UK as it determines whether they will be accepted into grammar schools. The CEM 11 plus exam is often considered to be tutor-proof, which means that it is deliberately designed to be difficult to coach or tutor for. However, our expert 11 plus tutors from India have developed powerful strategies to help Asian students to crack the CEM 11 plus exam.

Although we can't disclose our competitive strategies, one of the key strategies employed by some expert 11 plus tutors from India is a focus on building students' English language skills. This involves a focus on vocabulary development, comprehension, and critical thinking skills. Tutors may provide students with a range of reading materials, including fiction and non-fiction books, newspapers, and magazines, to help them develop their language skills.

Another strategy employed by expert 11 plus tutors from India is to focus on developing students' problem-solving skills. This can involve teaching students how to identify patterns and relationships between words and shapes, how to approach different types of questions, and how to use logic and reasoning to solve problems. Tutors may also teach students exam techniques, such as time management and how to eliminate incorrect answers, which is equally important for the rival GL Assessment 11+ exams..

In addition to these strategies, expert 11 plus tutors from India also focus on building students' confidence and motivation. This can involve providing positive feedback and encouragement, setting achievable goals, and helping students to develop a positive attitude towards learning and problem-solving.

Also, expert 11 plus tutors from India invariably use proprietary strategies to help our Asian students overcome the defences of the CEM 11 plus and GL Assessment 11+ exams. These may include a focus on language and vocabulary development, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and building students' confidence and motivation.

In summary, our expert 11 plus tutors from India employ a range of powerful strategies to help Asian students to crack the GL Assessment and CEM 11 plus "tutor proof" exams. Without disclosing too much, these strategies may include focus on building students' language and problem-solving skills, as well as their confidence and motivation.



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